Chocolate Fondant

The summer of 2019 brought with it a lot of rain, but that certainly didn't stand in the way of The Cobb Pro Black. During one particular cyclone in February, a craving hit us and we knew straight away what we were going to whip up on the Cobb. Introducing, The Chocolate Fondant.

With just 5 easy-to-find ingredients, this bombshell of a dessert is always a winner. It's difficult to wrap your head around the idea of baking a sweet treat on a grill outdoors, but we put the recipe to the test during a Class 2 cyclone, and we were not disappointed.  


We chose to use the Supreme Cutting Board as opposed to the Pro Cutting Board as the larger surface area made it far easier to transport our ingredients from the kitchen cupboard top the outdoor cooking area.


Equipment used:

What would we do next time to improve the recipe?

We think we may have overcooked the fondants slightly, as we left them in the grill for 30 minutes instead of the suggested 25. Our advice? Trust the recipe :)

Click here for the recipe!


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