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Stainless Steel Grill Grid

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A top-quality polished stainless steel surface allows a smooth surface to sear food quickly and evenly. This Grill Grid is designed to prevent flare-ups and excess smoke. Only available for the Pro and Premiers.

The Stainless Steel Grill Grid is useful for longer indirect cooking methods like roasting when the nonstick Grill Grid is not necessary. You can grill directly on it. The surface is polished and is easy to clean. Its innovative design allows juices and fat to drain away from the coals which prevent flare-ups. The COBB was designed to have the Grill Grid in place while using other accessories like the Dome Extension with Chicken Roasting Stand or Roast Rack. Wipe clean or wash with warm soapy water. A plastic scraper can be used to remove food residue from the grid. It can be washed in most dishwashers.

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